Thursday, January 19, 2017

From Telegram (3)

Da Telegram (3)

For you debauched adepts of Zuckerberg's church, my friend Leo has recently opened a group called WHAT: Woodworking HAnd Tools.

Per voi debosciati adepti della chiesa di Zuckerberg, il mio amico Leo ha recentemente aperto un gruppo che si chiama WHAT: Woodworking Hand Tools.


  1. Hi Andrea

    I am not a member of that church :-)
    But I still like to see your updates here on the blog.

    Today I even read the Italian text.
    I would love to learn how to speak Italian. I guess that I should be able to pick up a little bit by reading first the English text and then comparing it to the Italian one.


  2. Ciao Jonas, I'am happy to know that also your soul has been saved from that cult. ;-)