Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dime per code di rondine

Ho anch'io intenzione di scrivere un post su come autocostruirsi una guida per segnare le code di rondine, ma nel frattempo, guardate come sono carine queste costruite da Julio Alonso, specialmente quella col tenone incuneato.

I've planned to write a post on how to self build a guide to mark dovetails me too, but in the meantime, look how cute are these made by Julio Alonso, especially the wedged tenons one.


  1. Hi Andrea, I´m so sorry because of I dont speak italian though I would like to, fortunately your blog is also in english so I thank you a lot your effort and mostly your kind and generous words on my work I really appreciate it
    About your questions, "cola de milano" means, as you can imagine, dovetail joint, since the article is about that dovetailmarker

    The protector, hahahahaha, is an old one made in spain by the chance and the brand is ACHA. Probably you could find it through internet but I do recommend to you the square plate STARRETT one which I´ll buy it soon, much more steady and accurate than mine
    You will see some good protector in here (beside STARRETT one)

    Thank you again for your support and see you soon

  2. Another way to do it, Andrea: Learn the method to do the layout by eye. Then, simply mark the baseline, and start cutting. I learned it this way from dovetail savant Frank Klausz. I have on my blog several videos I filmed during Woodworking in America, showing Klausz doing it this way. Terrific!


  3. Hola Julio,
    Yo tambien lamento de no hablar espanol como me gustaria.
    Unfortunately I was in your country a long time ago and I do not remember well your language.
    Anyway, thank you very much for the answers.

  4. Hi Al,
    I uderstand your and Frank Klausz point of view and way of working.
    I also read Roy Underhill somewhere suggest you throw away any dovetail markers.
    And I also saw with my own eyes dozens of drawers with dovetail clearly cut by eye.
    But I still think that dovetail markers are useful and inexpansive tools for beginners and intermediates woodworkers and for exposed and decorative dovetails.

    Best regards from Italy and come back again.

  5. Of course! It is always best to reach a comfort level, before trying out anything else. My fault, for not making it clear.

    I used dovetail markers for quite a while. Then I started practicing daily, until my muscle memory improved. You can see the bucket of my practice, at . It just seems natural that practice gives us so much muscle memory.

    Enjoy the journey, Andrea!